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You really know that new Russian troops, have been on outskirts off Kiev, withdrew following that

He watched every thing

“I am not gonna stay into reasons. With no Zelensky repulsed some thing there. Putin withdrew this type of soldiers later. How could the guy [Zelensky] possess defended it? Performed he destroy the Russian armed forces truth be told there? Zero. Due to this fact he says he the amount of time a heroic accomplishment you to had not took place. Putin withdrew these troops out of Kiev,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “He was resting into the a-root basements at that time, Diana. The Zelensky are resting for the a-root basement in the past. However the army noticed the way it manage stop.”

“We usually criticize Volodya Zelensky. To own his not enough experience, ostentatious choices. He’s long been like that. They starred a member. Yet ,, once i have already said, which troubles come out of Leonid Danilovich [Ukraine’s second President Leonid Kuchma]. There clearly was zero clear method in those days; it had been an in the past-and-onward,” your head out-of condition told you.

Aleksandr Lukashenko appreciated their ending up in President out of Russia Boris Yeltsin and you may President off Ukraine Leonid Kuchma one to happened adopting the constitutional referendum for the Belarus: “Leonid Danilovich already been these are Ukraine and you will Yeltsin told you: “Pay attention, Aleksandr Grigorievich, why should you let him write a decent structure and you may keep a good referendum. We said, better, to-be really serious, I am prepared to mountain for the.”

He didn’t fight people and you will don’t repulse some thing

According to the Belarusian direct out-of county, a good write composition was made including Ukrainian specialist. “It was way more, therefore to say, democratic than that of Belarus and Russia. Nevertheless is just like ours. So it constitution will have spared Ukraine off you to a mess that happened afterwards. It composition try in a position. Thoughts polls advised (i don’t hide the reality that I became working in the method) that Ukrainians would have offered it. However, go out is actually going by and additionally they was in fact kicking the brand new can also be down the road,” the head of condition listed. “Why very? He [Leonid Kuchma] mentioned that the fresh new Verkhovna Rada won’t citation that SingleSlavic dating it structure. We objected: Tune in, you have not actually registered it into Verkhovna Rada yet; as well as, does it extremely opposed to mans will? You could hold an excellent referendum. You could put it to choose for the a referendum, obtain it approved right after which yield to the fresh new Verkhovna Rada,” Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled.

“This means that, that has been among options. That has been where almost everything become. Kuchma, then Yushchenko, up coming Yanukovich. The difficulties was in fact snowballing. In the end it-all descended through to Volodya Zelensky, he was not a politician, he was novice, politics are just not their matter. However, he promised (despite one motion picture Slave of those) to manage oligarchs, thieves, crooks and other trouble also to sort out issues up to Ukraine, an extremely gorgeous and you may steeped nation. He has made his sleep, so now he need lay on it. He or she is not quite suitable man for it work,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“Once more, Zelensky is not the just one responsible. It’s true, he had been maybe not to the task. However, was just about it more relaxing for others? Was it more relaxing for Putin when he turned Chairman? Or was just about it easier for Belarusians? Belarus was a container circumstances, we’d no cash, little. We were leftover inside the a great pickle. I published these banknotes portraying bunnies, consider?” your head of county questioned.

Your face regarding condition remembered just how things developed in Ukraine around other Presidents. There is the opportunity to avoid combat, however it wasn’t put. The latest amateur Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who involved stamina for the service of Western and you may above all the united states, did not deal with the problem.